Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Don't miss out on what's new in MOSS 2007

Import and export content and associated metadata between sites as xml, which looks easier than doing battle with CAML, see for yourself

Here is a collection of articles about the new features of MOSS 2007 as I find them, in particular order:

Workflow : an article from microsoft

Mobile device support : from Jan Tielan's site

Blogs,Wikis and RSS support here's a groovy video from channel 9

XSD added to WSS 3:
A Schema used to validate whether the specified HTML file will render correctly in Outlook 2007
Business data catalog DC support
"The Business Data Catalog allows structured data from line-of-business applications to be integrated into SharePoint in multiple ways through Web Parts, lists, people profiles, and search. Centrally managed connections to back-end systems can be defined once and then reused by end users to access back-end data without writing any code—easily making business data part of portal content. The Business Data Catalog also provides the ability for SharePoint Enterprise Search to integrate back-end business data into the search experience, without having to write any protocol handlers, iFilters, or custom code."
from Mohamed Zaki
and here is an exciting looking app to write them with no code from Todd Baginski
the microsoft page about 'authoring metadata' looks quite enlightening too.

site definitions use .net 2 master pages here's some stuff from Todd Stegeman

Lots of accessibility and usability settings, Rizwan's site seem to have a handy list

The sharepoint tips and tricks site
has some fantasic looking stuff, profiles now are user configurable and here is a description

Any other features are probably are in the boileroom

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