Friday, January 28, 2005

Getting Usage Statistics on Sharepoint Portal 2003 Areas

This comes from this microsoft blog

"There are pages available in Windows SharePoint Services that will allow you to obtain usage statistics for WSS Sites. However, this is not the case for Areas in SharePoint Portal Server 2003. There are no built-in hyperlinks in the Admin pages for viewing usage statistics for a give Area.

Does this mean that usage statistics are not available for Areas in SPS 2003? No, it just means that you have to know a backdoor URL to get to the pages that display the stats. Here is the format of the URL:

http://{your portal name}/_layouts/1033/usageDetails.aspx

This URL will take you to a usage statistics page for the Home Area of your portal. (Note: the 1003 is the designator for you language, so it will be different if not using U.S. English).

If you want to look at usage statistics for a Subarea, for instance, News, you would modify the URL to look as follows:

http://{your portal name}/News/_layouts/1033/usageDetails.aspx"

Microsoft eat their own dog food!

Why hasn't Microsoft designed its site in Sharepoint? they have and they call the process eating our own dog food, see how it tastes, I think you'll find it's chock full of tasty morsels of sharepoint information.

Style sheets and accessibility

Each user can have their own choice of style sheet with which, for example, they could get a personalized view of sharepoint. How!? you cry, in I.E. you can specify a bespoke style sheet for your users, see how here.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Need a help file for users to understand the basics of sharepoint?

Here is a help file from Microsoft for non-technical users to aid them in performing those everyday tasks

Want to customize just about anything in sharepoint portal?

Look no further than this microsoft articledescribing the SPS CSS style sheet reference.

sharepoint SDK and code example

Sharepoint SDK and handy C# code examples, there's talk of them eventually doing them in VB.NET. Check out the skinny on editing templates and themes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

User training and sharepoint

What about showing users how to do what they want within sharepoint using captivate by macromedia. This could be used to create walk-throughs demonstrating the process of creating areas, lists and so forth.