Monday, December 06, 2004

Undeleters and Document management add-ons

sharepoint experts so they would have you believe, home of the 'power recycyler' tool, which pretty much as its name suggests undeletes data deleted from sharepoint portal server.

NintexA horrible looking site, but powerful tools allowing undeleting, audit trails and oh so much more.

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Sarah said...

Nintex released SmartLibrary 2.0 on 13th December, 2004 and the website was relaunched at same time. The features of the SmartLibrary product have been extended since V1.1 and include - Undelete (available through all Sharepoint views), Advanced Workflow, Activity Monitoring and Reporting, and Publish to Other Systems. Nintex have a free evaluation of SmartLibrary available from the website for 60 days. Go to the website for full information. Very pleased with this product.